Happy, healthy relationships start with having a compatible Marriage Mindset. There it can grow into a love that lasts a lifetime.

Our Marriage Mindset Method is Research and Field-Tested

Symbis is a comprehensive marriage assessment designed specially for couples today. It is relevant for engaged couples going through Premarital coaching and even seasoned marriages. It is used to help couples communicate better while covering challenging issues in a marriage and uncover the most important misbeliefs of marriage.

Research reveals that individuals have one of five distinct marriage mindsets:

  • Resolute Mindset
  • Rational Mindset
  • Romantic Mindset
  • Restless Mindset

  • Reluctant Mindset
couple in wedding outfits

Every person brings a mindset to marriage – what they are saying, thinking and believing when it comes to tying the knot. It’s their attitude toward marriage, in general.

They have beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and attitudes about the concept of marriage. And knowing a person’s marriage mindset reveals a wealth of information – about the person and their future relationship.


The best tool for transparency.

Before marriage, partners generally put their best foot forward and no obvious signs of impending marital discord surface. However, getting to know about each other’s quirks after marriage can come as a rude shock. Pre-marriage coaching can be of great help to dig out the roots forthcoming relationship problems and solve them before they snowball into bigger hurdles after marriage. We know that honesty is important for you both. We are brutally honest. We know there are things that are hard for you to talk about. We’ll focus on them.


Personalized work for a common goal.

Pre-marriage coaching is a great way to help couples prepare for their marriage. It helps you and your spouse enjoy a strong, healthy relationship and offers you a better chance towards a satisfying and lifelong marriage. It helps you in the overall readiness for marriage and prepares you for an amazing married life ahead.


Solidifying a deep unity.

New models and methods of pre-marriage coaching are emerging every day encouraging both the bride and the groom to develop strong, healthy relationships before their marriage. It teaches the couple necessary skills to build a strong, conscious foundation for their marriage. With commitment, trust, and the willingness to work towards a great marriage, you can enjoy a relationship you always desired! It is no secret that communication is an essential key in any relationship. Good communication can create a fulfilling connection and true intimacy. We’ll help to break down your communication barrier.

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