George Pidgeon

Successful business owner, entrepreneur, leader, ministry consultant, and founder of George Pidgeon Ministries, George Pidgeon provides individualized consultations to churches, nonprofits, and Christian businesses.

With 30 years of experience from building and land development to ministry consulting, Pidgeon shares his many hats of knowledge through in-house and personal workshops. Welcoming businessmen, pastors, churches, and start-up businesses, Pidgeon provides a variety of techniques that will help you reach full potential.

“Coaching makes changes possible even in the most impossible circumstances.”

His mission is to approach consulting with a coaching perspective, rediscovering your visions and dreams by evaluating your current position and future goals. Sometimes a fresh, experienced pair of eyes can help to uncover the path and put you back on track.

“I have been called to help restore marriages, to organize churches and empower Christian business men.”

Pidgeon advises ministries, churches, and Christian businessmen with a developed process flexible for any industry through a simple system made to fit any goal and gain positive results. Since the biggest challenge for some is organization, Pidgeon offers a Christ-centered coaching method to protect your calling whether you’re a blossoming 501c3, a new business, or an emerging pastor.

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Make your dreams come true and plow through the processes with profitable achievements.

  • Assessment

    A true assessment of your organization is the first place to start. Knowing where you are will help guide you to where you want to be

  • Strategy

    Together we will strategically develop a custom and realistic goal with an obtainable timeline

  • Implementation

    Implementing the process is what will produce results and with the right assessment and strategy it can be achieved

We offer assessment, strategy, implementation, and support to Christian business owners, ministries and churches. Our heart mission is to empower the your purpose in life.  Many are called but few truly fulfill their destiny to the fullest potential, mainly because of the logistics and governmental loops one has to jump through. Our process is simple with one goal in mind and that’s to empower you and help propel you onto the next level.

Our consulting is custom to your needs but with one duplicating process that works. There is no complicated formulas, or expensive programs, but rather one requirement that has been perfected, done in excellence God’s way.

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GPM can help you uncover the path and successfully put you back on the track.