We believe marriage is a covenant not a contract and if marriages are done according to God’s plan for marriage, they can and will work. Marriage is worth fighting for not with each other. Whether it’s your first marriage or not, and regardless of your faith, we want to keep you ONE.

People Quit Too Soon!

There are five kinds of love. Four are based on emotions. The only love that’s unconditional is agape love: a love only God can have and ask us to have toward one another. When we base our life and marriages off emotions they often fail. We feel we give too much credit to the way we “feel”, rather than seeing marriage as a covenant and not a contract.

As your marriage coach, we don’t judge yet our responsibility to speak truth over marriages drives our mission. We know marriages inside and outside church life are in a crisis. We have studied the stats on marriages and the results are devastating, it’s become the norm to divorce! We depend on the Holy Spirit to guide us when mentoring couples.

Marriage doesn’t have to be unhappily ever after and you don’t need to rush to break up your family. Stay ONE.


The best tool for transparency.

We know that honesty is important for you both. We are brutally honest. We know there are things that are hard for you to talk about. We’ll focus on them.


Working together for a common goal.

The stress of raising children can put a strain on your marriage. We work with you to identify the issues and push through the growing pains.


Solidifying a deep unity.

It is no secret that communication is an essential key in any relationship. Good communication can create a fulfilling connection and true intimacy. We’ll help to break down your communication barrier.

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