How to have a faithful marriage

The basic root of a successful marriage life is to have a relationship like best friends with the benefits to kiss each other anytime you want to. It’s to have a good sense of humor and to communicate openly and freely with your spouse. Having a pious spouse is a great blessing from God. Your pious spouse may be a source of relief and satisfaction for you when you feel the pressures and stresses of life. Having a spiritual connection is one up on those without a true spiritual connection. God centered marriages aren’t shielded from the enemy’s schemes. However, it is a force a to be reckoned with.

So, why do pious marriages face unfaithfulness? Whether it is a small lie, or the beginning of keeping secrets. Unfaithfulness can present itself is many forms. MarriageONE takes marriages seriously, as relationship coaches we have counseled many couples that could not figure not how they lost their honesty to one another. These defaults can set a marriage back and severely damage the ones heart. Those that have experienced unfaithfulness find it is difficult to trust and it takes brutal honesty and the willingness to fight your way back to each other to overcome unfaithfulness. Couples should at all cost protect their marriages and practice preventative faithfulness.

After all promises have been made and vows said before God, your families and friends, right? No way either of you would venture off in unfaithfulness, correct?

What God has joined together, let NO one separate. Mark 10:9

Relationships, such as anything of significance, takes genuine work. According to the experts, if you do not stay connected through communication or any other means, your marriage will have a connection deficit and communication is essential.

As marriage coaches we can’t stress enough about mastering communication in your marriage. It is the KEY component to a long and happy marriage. Clear, and intentionally communication will protect a marriage and be a reflection of your love. Never assume your husband or wife knows your every thought and make it a priority to create a scheduled time to communicate daily.

Here are 6 ways to thrive in your marriage and remain
Faithful Devoted

1.) Keep Your Relationship and Your Partner a Priority
The feelings of passion and desire for a spouse are super prevalent at the beginning of every relationship when everything’s new. Maintain a balance between passion and desire in your relationship by making your spouse feel like they have a priority in your life. Always pay heed to your spouse words and listen carefully to what they are saying. Communicate with your partner about every topic. Communication makes them feel like they have an attractive priority from their partner.

2.) Always respect yourself and your spouse
In a faithful and successful marriage, respect is vital and the path to long and happy life. To develop a strong and faithful relationship with your spouse give respect to your spouse. Love and respect cannot exist without true honor and faithfulness. By respecting each other, you explore life more freely and as ONE.

3.) Be Honest what you need
Couples who tend to talk openly with each other create a more secure environment for one another. Communication is a very effective tool to bond a shy-free relationship. Because sometimes, people get stray from their relationship because they are searching for something they do not get at home. Fostering open communication allows you to know about your spouse desires and needs. It is about giving them your time and compliments.

4.) Be Mindful To Never Put Them Down
Never utilize your spouse faults, imperfections, or uncertainties against them in any capacity, particularly during fights. Opening up and being vulnerable requires a lot of risk. If your spouse requests something, regardless of whether you are not ready to offer that to them, don’t cause them to feel terrible for asking and don’t hold it against them ever. If they realize that disclosing to you certain things could change how you see them, they might be less ready to partake later on. Never shame your spouse.

5.) Share Experiences Together
Sharing your experiences with your spouse can strengthen your bond and relationship. Also, it creates the environment to make decision together. Experiencing new ideas and embracing new seasons together can add new perspectives and challenges. We find that when couples are relaxed they can make even the most complicated decisions better. We are always growing and as we embrace these changes together, reflect upon your CORE values and decision making will become less stressful. Most importantly make time to share fun experiences with your spouse. Being over-sensitive and uptight is no fun. Do some silly things together. Try new things and embrace this life you have chosen to spend together. Having fun together with your spouse will increase the desire to create even more adventurous moments together. That will anchor your faithfulness.

6.) Nonsexual touch
Sex is important in a marriage but the non-sexual touch is equally as important. Touch each other as often as possible it leads to a healthy sex life. Hold hands when you guys are on a walk, hug each other in the morning before leaving for work, and don’t forget to flirt. These gestures make your spouse feel adored, and will draw them come closer to you. A loving touch the sign of a faithful marriage life.

George & Debbie Pidgeon